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Apple and Yahoo Could Increase Their Relationship

According to The Wall Street Journal and we can read today in Macnn, Apple and Yahoo are in negotiations to bring some of Yahoo’s best services to Apple’s iOS system. The two companies are already working together on some projects: weather data from Apple’s weather application is extracted from Yahoo’s service, Yahoo’s search engine is one of the possible ones in Safari and its sports statistics are incorporated in Siri. The option to continue to include Yahoo services seems to support the idea that Apple wants to leave out of iOS as many Google services as possible.

Future versions of iOS may include more Yahoo services

One obvious area where Yahoo services could help Apple is in finance . Yahoo has a business section on its website with a very good reputation, with a financial report that could be integrated with Siri in a similar way as sports news has been added. Yahoo is also popular for its news oriented pages, children and women, among other services. Currently, Apple still has Google as the default search engine on its products, but it also allows the option of Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo among others, so the latter could become the default search engine for the apple’s devices.

Apple and Yahoo Could Increase Their Relationship
Apple and Yahoo Could Increase Their Relationship

This measure would “win” both companies, with Yahoo gaining the necessary exposure through Apple’s strong presence in the mobile market, while Apple would avoid direct use of its fiercest competitor, Google, in areas where it is not absolutely necessary. Microsoft, which powers Yahoo’s search engine, could also stand to gain from any new deal, as any further expansion could come in handy for Bing’s search engine. Siri is a way to avoid Google searches, except when it cannot find the answers, and has been responsible for a small drop in the use of the Google search engine.

The new negotiations are said to be led by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who wants to make her company a “big player” in the area of mobile data . Apple has already said, however, that it will not sacrifice existing relationships with Google, as the search and advertising giant still offers the best results, so we do not know if in the near future Apple will replace Google as its default search engine on its devices.

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