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Apple and the Problem with Your Device’s RAM

Is the amount of RAM on Apple devices an issue?

As always, Apple launched new devices that were talked about during the event that took place last October 16th and there were some definitions of their products. The thinnest tablet in the world, the biggest iPhone launch ever, an incredible screen, etc.

However, at no time was there any mention of two words that are also important among all the great words that were said at the event: RAM memory.

Apple and the Problem with Your Device’s RAM
Apple and the Problem with Your Device’s RAM

The iPad Air 2 is clearly (very clearly) the new flagship of the company’s iPad line . It has Touch ID, a new 64-bit chip specially designed by Apple, a better camera both front and back, faster WiFi connection and superior LTE capabilities, etc.

But does it have more than 1GB of RAM as we have seen in previous generations of iPads? I’m sure you don’t have the answer to this question, since during the event there was no reference to this aspect of the device . And of course, Apple has never named the RAM specifications for its iPhone or iPad models, something that has once again happened with the new models that have been introduced. So we won’t know for sure until iFixit or similar can open the device and see what’s inside.

The competition is already ahead of Apple in this respect

At the moment, we don’t officially know how much RAM the device can include, although the most optimistic think it could come equipped with 2GB.

The truth is, even 2GB for the iPad Air 2 can actually be a pretty poor number. The iPad is and has long been the benchmark, the undisputed leader of tablets in the market. In terms of hardware, design, quality of construction, the great integration of hardware and software to create an excellent user experience, and so on.

Apple has certainly not been shy about talking about the general improvements included in the iPad Air 2:

“As powerful as many personal computers.” Well, that’s true in some respects (but not when it comes to memory). And that’s because we have to recognize that RAM memory is a critical aspect for the performance of any computer today, from laptops to the big internet servers we see today.

Is 1GB of RAM enough?

That’s why many consider it an almost embarrassing fact to see how little attention Apple pays to RAM on its iPhone and iPad devices. Even if the iPad Air 2 reaches up to 2GB, many smartphones on the market that have been available for a while had 33% more (3GB).

The theory that many use today is that somehow the iPhone and iPad simply don’t need any more memory or that the memory they have is already superior to their Android rivals. Others believe this is not entirely true . Many believe that devices could perform better if they had more RAM than they currently have. As pointed out from iPadinSight, some even believe that many applications will not be able to run properly until those that are open in the background are closed.

We’ll have to wait to see how much RAM has been included in the new iPad Air 2, but it’s very clear that many users are starting to see insufficient RAM being included in their devices, especially considering the competition. What do you think? Do you think that 1GB of RAM is enough in Apple’s current mobile devices?