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Apple and secrecy no longer get along

Last September 9th I think most people were satisfied after the Apple keynote. A new Apple TV was presented, also the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the Apple TV of 4 generation, silent renewal of the iPad mini 4 and some novelty as the “Oye Siri”, that now will be always active in the new devices.

All great, we can’t deny that we liked what we saw. Another thing is that it surprised us . And I say this because if you have followed the current events you surely already knew everything in more or less detail. Because in this Apple specialized media there is one that has a person who is ginning it. Mark Gurman, editor of 9to5Mac, proved once again that his sources are truly crazy.

Apple and secrecy no longer get along
Apple and secrecy no longer get along


Mark Gurman has already been accurate in his predictions of what will be seen in each keynote for a few years. Well, I said prediction but it’s not like that, it’s rumors, leaks,… information that comes to him about the company’s plans. And be careful, Appe should make him look at it because the success rate is incredible.

In the last keynote we could practically see the “script” of it published on their website. I did not remember so much information that was then fulfilled exactly for a long time. And I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem logical at all. Because Apple has always proclaimed its secrecy. They even made a video.

Unfortunately, they’re not succeeding. It is true that with the interest the company is arousing, the need to start production in advance to cover demand, etc. is complicated. Perhaps they themselves are causing such a situation but the user’s surprise factor is taking its toll.

I imagine everyone will have their own opinion on the subject. But if I were Apple I would try to solve the problem. It won’t affect their sales, they will continue to concentrate so much interest and expectation around their events and launches but if they don’t manage to surprise, surely, the most interesting part of each keynote will be waiting for Jonathan Man to make a new song with the material from it.