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Apple and Samsung sign two-year agreement for OLED display manufacturing

Apple is confident that it will have everything to gain from the expected redesign of the iPhone in 2017 or the iPhone 8, as the technology industry has called it so far. Therefore, Apple has increased demand on the various elements that make up the new flagship, as is the case of OLED screens.

Accordingly, Apple has signed a two-year contract with Samsung Display to supply curved iPhone OLED panels. As a result, Samsung is increasing capacity to 92 million units by 2017, as demand from Apple increases.

Apple and Samsung sign two-year agreement for OLED display manufacturing
Apple and Samsung sign two-year agreement for OLED display manufacturing

Previously, Apple has used OLED displays in the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, but this would be the first time the company would use display technology on the iPhone: the largest product.

The two-year contract between Cupertino’s and the Corinthian giant requires the supply of 92 million small curved OLED panels for $9 billion, according to Korea’s ET News, Chosun Bizand and other media.

The agreement also secures supplies for the new iPhone 2017 and iPhone 2018. Depending on the scale of production, Apple could also bring more suppliers , in addition to Samsung.

Earlier this week, the Nikkei media reported that Apple had made a deal for 70 million OLED panels this year. However, Apple is demanding even higher quantities from Samsung, as it expects its next-generation device to be a huge success.

Analysts expect Apple to sell nearly 60 million iPhones with OLED screens; an impressive figure, given that the launch date of iPhone 8 is now expected to be after September. Apple normally sells more than ten million new iPhones in the first opening weekend.

Rumors also indicate that the iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, a bevelless front, a front camera with 3D depth detection, wireless charging, a virtual start button with integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, and more.

The possibility of an upcoming iPhone with an OLED screen began as a speculation, which as well as other aspects of the expected smartphone, are gradually beginning to be confirmed.

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