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Apple and Samsung Could End Their Conflict with a Settlement

Companies may be negotiating to end conflicts

Apple’s legal department has always used the same argument in the trials that have been held against Samsung: Since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, the Korean brand’s smartphones have taken a nearly 180-degree turn.

Because of this, Cupertino’s people, led at the time by the late Steve Jobs, decided to start a legal battle against Samsung to claim what they claimed was theirs : a series of patents that the Koreans had been using without consent for the manufacture of their smart phones.

Apple and Samsung Could End Their Conflict with a Settlement
Apple and Samsung Could End Their Conflict with a Settlement

Beyond these legal battles, Samsung is one of the main suppliers of parts for the construction of the bite block devices. Apple has tried, unsuccessfully, to stop depending on them, but the truth is that the California company has a hard time finding another manufacturer that can cope with the volume and quality they need.

It is not known if it would be a truce or the definitive end to the confrontation

Since Samsung is one of Apple’s main suppliers, it seems that the two companies would be trying to come together. According to The Korea Times, quoting nearby sources, the two companies would be considering a deal to end their confrontation .

It is not known if it would be a truce, or a definitive end , but it seems that the two big brands would be willing to stop investing money from the annual budget in the legal department and specifically for legal expenses.

Samsung’s work with OLED screens would have encouraged Apple to make this decision

It seems that both companies are trying to cut back as much as possible on the issues for which they are currently fighting the legal battle. Both Apple and Samsung would like to get as practical as possible to end their legal battle .

The Korean brand is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of components, and Apple would like to continue working for it as the main supplier of parts for one of its future products: the iWatch .

In addition, the great work done with the OLED screens that Samsung has mounted on one of its latest tablets seems to have interested, and a lot, those of Cupertino, as we could read in MacRumors.

Will we really see the end of the fighting between the two companies? Will the war end and will they be able to focus on creating new and innovative products? We may soon find out.

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