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Apple and Resolve join forces in the responsible pursuit of gold

Apple’s commitment to certain social issues such as the fight against diseases like HIV or the company’s participation in demonstrations in favour of women or the LGTBI is public and well known. However, the company is present in other more well-known issues such as the search for responsible gold, which has recently been announced as we tell you below.

Unfortunately there is a part in technology that is little known and sometimes even completely hidden. We are referring to a large part of the materials used to manufacture the components of electronic devices. In the case of Apple’s equipment, like that of many other companies, gold is required for the creation of electronic circuits .

Apple and Resolve join forces in the responsible pursuit of gold
Apple and Resolve join forces in the responsible pursuit of gold

Historically, the search for gold has always been surrounded by controversy due to various causes such as the exploitation of miners. However, there are some causes that are perhaps less controversial but no less worrying. We refer to the reduction of a good part of the population of salmon found in rivers and streams in Alaska and which are often explored by gold prospectors, who end up being the cause of the disappearance of the aforementioned animals.

In 2017, the environmental care association RESOLVE created the “Salmon Gold” program which aims to put an end to the disappearance of these animals in the search for gold. To this end, the association has the support of individuals and companies that seek to promote the search for responsible gold. Precisely Apple has been one of the last to join this program , as announced on its website.

No doubt Apple’s initiative to join this program says a lot about its corporate social responsibility, since as we explained earlier, gold is something vital for a company that manufactures electronic devices. Logically, the importance of this material should not be weighed against an ethical and responsible way of obtaining it.

In relation to this commitment to the environment by Apple, we remember that several months ago we told you how the company boasted of using 100% renewable energy. So it won’t be surprising to see how the firm directed by Tim Cook is heading towards other related projects in the coming months.

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