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Apple and Qualcomm agree to settle all litigation

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple has dragged on for years and this week began the trial that was to determine each brand’s responsibility for the alleged patent infringement. After the first day of the trial, both companies shook hands by reaching an agreement to abandon all litigation they had opened so far.

In the end, Apple has given its arm and indirectly acknowledged its guilt because the agreement that has been reached, announced by a press release from Apple, reports that Apple will have to pay Qualcomm approximately USD 7 billion although all the details surrounding this agreement have been kept secret for the time being. This figure would come from the money Apple withheld in royalty payments.

Apple and Qualcomm agree to settle all litigation
Apple and Qualcomm agree to settle all litigation

In addition to this payment, Apple has also signed a six-year partnership agreement with Qualcomm effective April 1, 2019 , which can be extended for two more years depending on future developments. This is undoubtedly great news for all users who expect to see an iPhone 5G and we had lost all hope with the latest information that predicted a delay from Intel.

There have been many devices introduced at MWC 2019 that incorporate this type of functionality thanks to Qualcomm’s latest modem, but Apple was left out because it had no relationship with Qualcomm. Now things have changed and the iPhone 2020 may already feature Qualcomm’s modems with the addition of 5G coverage.

After a war of accusations between both brands about the amount of money collected and rumors that both companies had not sat down at a negotiating table, this news has caught our attention. After this agreement all those uncertainties are over and now it has been noticed in the value of the shares as Apple goes up half a point and Qualcomm almost 20%.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this agreement that both brands have reached.

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