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Apple and other companies “caught” engineers fired by Motorola in September

Mucho talento se va de Apple, pero más talento se queda.

Technology companies go through better and worse times. When things are not going well, they usually resort to layoffs and restructuring as a way to refloat their business . This is what happened to Motorola in September, whose owner is Lenovo, and which laid off 1,000 workers this month. This news is not at all positive, but it hides its good side: several technology companies, including Apple, have come to the rescue.

Apple and other companies “caught” engineers fired by Motorola in SeptemberApple and other companies “caught” engineers fired by Motorola in September

Just outside the city of Chicago is the headquarters of Motorola in the state of Illinois. The publication Chicago Inno has echoed the dismissals at the headquarters during the month of September . The layoffs are especially painful for the city as it is the only major technology company established there. So if you are an engineer, you don’t have many places to put your resume.

During the weeks following the restructuring, several technology companies came to the city. Google, Facebook and Apple created recruitment events targeting engineers affected by Lenovo’s decision. In Apple’s case and according to interviewees, these are hardware-related positions in California.

The session hosted by Apple was led by Apple engineers who flew in from California. From that moment on, former Motorola engineers could arrange interviews with the company .

The same thing happened with the decline of BlackBerry, where Apple hired several employees of the Canadian manufacturer

The case of Motorola is reminiscent of that of BlackBerry a few years ago, where the Canadian manufacturer also had to resort to layoffs in order to clean up its financial situation . In 2013, Apple also used the company’s talent to strengthen its own. As we said then, Motorola’s fate does not have to cloud the talent of its former employees.

Recruitment in Chicago has come at a time when the ability to retain talent at Apple is in question. Despite this, Cupertino’s company continues to attract good engineers .

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