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Apple and other companies accused of not complying with EU GPRS

In May 2018 the European Union tried to put an end to the scandals related to the protection of consumer data on the Internet , imposing a new way of collecting customer data and giving us, in theory, more rights. This forced us to change all the privacy agreements, something that affected us as we had to accept and sign them again.

Large technology companies such as Apple were forced to give users the possibility to consult all the data they had stored about them on their servers. And not only this, but we had to be able to delete them with guarantees. But it seems that it is not complying with this new regulation since today the Austrian non-profit organization NOYB has denounced Apple and many other companies for allegedly not complying with the GDPR in the European Union.

Apple and other companies accused of not complying with EU GPRS
Apple and other companies accused of not complying with EU GPRS

In order to corroborate this possible infraction, this organization tried to request the private data of approximately 10 users, finding that no service fully complied with European regulations.

The founder of NOYB, Max Schrems, has wanted to detail this accusation as follows:

“Many services configure automated systems to respond to access requests, but often do not even remotely provide the data to which each user is entitled. This leads to structural violations of users’ rights, as these systems are designed to retain relevant information”.

When we initiate a request, for example, at Apple to obtain all the information they store about us on their servers, it is obviously collected by an automated system and not by an employee of the company to avoid long delays in generating the corresponding report.

These services would be programmed not to provide us with all the information they have stored on their servers according to this organization. In other words, the most important data is reserved for them and so ‘we will be more relaxed’, in breach of the General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union.

Reuters reports that Apple is not the only one accused of violating this regulation, but there are also complaints against Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and three others.

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We will have to wait to find out if Apple is in breach of this regulation or if you give us all the information you know about us. For now we show you how you can access this report of your data here.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the RGPD, do you think it is fully complied with by companies like Apple?

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