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Apple and News Corp launch The Daily, their new iPad subscription offering

At an event just held in New York by News Corp and Apple , the two companies presented The Daily, an exclusive US digital newspaper for the iPad . The event was hosted by communications mogul Rupert Murdoch, with Apple Vice President of Online Services Eddy Cue and application developers providing live demonstrations of the program.

Before presenting the application itself, Rupert dedicated a few words to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO:

Apple and News Corp launch The Daily, their new iPad subscription offering
Apple and News Corp launch The Daily, their new iPad subscription offering

Steve Jobs is a brilliant person, he has changed the world with the iPad and the possibilities with this device are enormous.

From what we have seen in the presentation, The Daily concentrates all that has been learned from the digital publications that have landed on the Apple tablet to date. The application presents the cover as soon as it is opened, and the pages are flipped by sliding your finger on the screen. Each page can contain any type of content: 360-degree images, text, high-definition videos, audio... and some images can take up more space than the iPad screen, which can be navigated by swiping. Everything is very intuitive.

If we want, we can also navigate through the pages classified by articles in an interface similar to Coverflow that those responsible have named Carousel (you can see it in the image above), which also integrates the ability to preview content directly from that interface such as videos of each news item or weather information.

It must also be said that the content is completely dynamic , with the opportunity for important breaking news to be published with priority and with some social content such as the Twitter profiles of some famous people, which of course are updated in real time. All this is built in HTML5 pages that contain links to external pages, visible from the application itself.

The Daily has been created under the watchful eye and advice of Apple and Steve Jobs himself, completely from scratch. That's why both companies are confident that The Daily will motivate iPad users to use this payment method thanks to its reading comfort and above all its price, which is tremendously low compared to traditional publications: 14 cents per publication, with the possibility of subscribing to it for 99 cents a week .

If we want to subscribe for a year, the price goes up to $39.99. Less than $40 for a whole year's worth of press? That's really attractive, considering that have promised more than 100 pages per daily publication , and that's a lot of work for a whole squad of editors. Rupert has stated that these prices are made possible by his strategy and by being able to do without the traditional presses, which usually cost millions.

The Daily

It is clear that the aim of The Daily is to promote this new type of daily publication by means of subscriptions as opposed to traditional paper , and its main weapon is its price. The rest of the big print media in the world (I would put my hand in the fire by saying that Spanish media have to be very attentive to this) can be very influenced by this.

The Daily stays in the United States for the time being, but if the strategy works I wouldn't be surprised to see newspapers from our country adopting similar systems. Who doesn't like the idea of being able to read an edition of some Spanish newspaper for about ten cents of a euro on their iPad? Much better than going to the newsstand and spending an average of one euro and carrying paper, right?

Of course, The Daily has some challenges against that traditional press and against free news websites that are financed by advertising, adding also the delicacy of sharing a The Daily's news with Facebook making that subscription content free. The users will give their verdict with the amount of subscriptions.

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