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Apple and Hitler compared by Jia Yuetling, CEO of Leshi TV

In Europe and the United States we are used to seeing very good ads and advertising campaigns , more or less aggressive, with some great touches of insight and that manage to attract the attention of the viewer or the person who sees them, for the fact that it is worthy of admiration, the ingenuity of the creators of them. For example, we have seen the famous Samsung campaign in airports, or the subtle advertisements by Microsoft comparing the camera of their Lumia with the cameras of the smartphone of the competition.

In other places outside Europe and the United States, it seems that this ingenious advertising to attract attention is not very developed or they are simply willing to go beyond limits that would be unthinkable here . Today we bring an incredible case, coming from China, in which the CEO of an important company, besides authorizing an ad in which he was comparing Apple with the Nazis and in which you could see a caricature of Hitler that had as a swastika a bitten apple , justified it by accusing iOS of technological tyranny, arrogance, etc.

Apple and Hitler compared by Jia Yuetling, CEO of Leshi TV
Apple and Hitler compared by Jia Yuetling, CEO of Leshi TV

The famous CEO, is Jia Yueting, who is in charge of Leshi TV and whose company. According to all the rumors in China, he would have given the green light to this type of horrendous publicity as a previous step to bring his new phone to market , which is said to have a 5.5 inch screen, to be equipped with 4 GB of RAM or to also have the new reversible USB Type C that we saw appearing on Apple’s new MacBook just a few weeks ago.

That he has managed to attract the attention of more than half the world with the ad is beyond doubt , but it is not yet clear whether for better or for worse . If a European or American company had done something like this, heads would have already rolled and the consequences at the level of image, boycotts, etc; would be disastrous for them although it seems that this will not be the case for Leshi TV and Jia Yuetling.

In short, it seems that Jia Yuetling, must not have a very accurate knowledge of what Hitler and Nazism means for much of Europe and the United States . If making this kind of comparisons and advertising your company brings you benefits in China, you will have to see it, although not even for these reasons is such an action justified. If you ever thought of landing your products in Europe or the United States, we can say that it is time to change your plans .

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