Apple and 7 Technology Giants Unite Against NSA Spying

Through an open letter, they ask the Obama administration to change its spying policy

Lately, espionage has been getting a lot of attention in the media. Until recently, we all lived in our bubble, thinking that everything we wrote, sent or received was totally safe and private. In fact, it was hard to believe that WhatsApp didn’t encrypt messages and that a hacker could access them. Then we found out that this was our least concern, the US government was spying on us.

The vast majority of companies in the US technology sector have confirmed that they had to send personal data of their users to the US Department of Homeland Security , more specifically, to the NSA . This is a violation of the privacy rights established by most constitutions of modern countries. The PRISM system is not good for users and therefore not good for companies.

Apple and 7 Technology Giants Unite Against NSA Spying
Apple and 7 Technology Giants Unite Against NSA Spying

Perhaps for this reason, in order to calm the spirits of their consumers, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL have decided to form a temporary union with the aim of putting pressure on the United States government . Surely, these 8 companies can get much more than the millions of customers that each one has, since governments seem to be very receptive to foreign money.

This is the second time that they perform an action of this type

If you want to know exactly what these companies are saying to the government of Barack Obama, you can read it on this website created especially for the occasion. In my opinion, it must have taken some time to decide who designed it, who hosted it and whether it had SEM positioning with Google or Yahoo. Joking apart, the truth is that, at least in front of the public, it is a pretty important fact.

From here on, companies can continue to do what they have been doing up to now, i.e. to deliver information whether they want to or not, or to negotiate another way of doing it. The National Security Agency assures that through this method they can detect people who are unpleasant both for the United States and for humanity, but to do so they must spy on millions of people around the world and, once spied on, separate the “grain from the chaff”, that is, keep only what really interests them.

As Appleinsider reminds us, this letter is the second one sent by the companies to the government , since in July another 63 companies asked for more transparency in these espionage matters. And you, how do you feel about this issue, are you sure that you have been spied on at some point? Tell us.

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