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Apple already has a developer’s syndicate just before WWDC

It’s only a couple of weeks before Apple’s WWDC 2018 kicks off in San Jose, California. and a developer’s union has just emerged demanding new changes from Californians on the App Store .

Among some of the actions they want to discuss with Apple, is the possibility for the user to have the possibility to test the applications before buying it. A model similar to the one on Android.

Apple already has a developer’s syndicate just before WWDC
Apple already has a developer’s syndicate just before WWDC

Currently, developers can offer a free model with paid options to unlock all options, the so-called freemium applications. A model that is becoming more and more widespread. But the only current option to be able to try out all the features for free for a limited time, is only available in apps with a model subscription .

This new union calls itself “The Developers Union”, where the main goal before WWDC is to reach 20,000 members. Currently there are no exact data of total membership, but we can know that this movement is led by 4 developers.

This all started with a load sent to Apple’s own , signed by Schumacher, Roger Ogden, Loren Morris and Brent Simmons. Developers who want some changes to the terms Apple currently maintains.

One of those points, besides the possibility of testing the apps by the users before buying them, is the decrease of the percentage as a commission that Apple charges for each sale obtained in the App Store. Currently, the percentage is 30%, previously, this business model did not exceed 15%.

So far, Apple has not made a statement on this, nor do we know if it intends to do so. But this declaration of intention could have some repercussion among the community if they achieve the goal set for before WWDC 18 , where it would be, without a doubt, the first achievement unblocked.

Undoubtedly, the App Store are the developers, thanks to their work, we can do really interesting things with our devices, because Apple puts the tools and they do the “magic”.

Do you think that the measures requested by this group of developers will be viable?

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