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Apple almost meets the demand for iPhone 5

After more than a month of dry weather in the physical stores, Apple has finally stabilized the stock of the iPhone 5, which until now had been counted as a dropper. They have been able to increase production and can now supply all their customers’ demand without any problems. This is also helped by the fact that demand has dropped somewhat after the first days of collective euphoria.

The iPhone and iPad are products with a very strong launch, and which always tend to run out of stock within a few hours of their launch . The iPhone 5 was not going to be an exception, and Apple was having quite a few problems supplying units to stores.

Apple almost meets the demand for iPhone 5
Apple almost meets the demand for iPhone 5

However, Gene Munster already claims after checking with 100 Apple Store, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon that the stock is already back to normal . As for the Spanish operators, there is no problem either; both Vodafone, Movistar and Orange are offering iPhone 5 to all customers who request it.

According to Piper Jaffray’s studies, the iPhone 5 has undergone a dramatic improvement in availability . Last Thursday at AT&T, 82% of stores had it, and at Verizon 72%. In the case of Sprint iPhone, they were available in 92% of the Apple stores consulted.

One of the main signs of this improvement in stock is that in the Apple Online Store itself has lowered shipping times to two weeks for iPhone 5 . And these lead times usually show how the company is doing on stock levels.

In Spain the problems seem to be less, because the iPhone 5 has not been very successful in our country . Almost everyone I talk to speaks ill of it and how Apple has continued with the new iteration of its smartphone . The Galaxy SIII however has a much better reception, and everyone who can afford a high-end terminal ends up with an SIII instead of an iPhone 5, at least that’s how I have experienced it in my environment.