Apple Allows Anyone with an Apple ID to Create Ads on iAd

Apple updates iAd and allows any user with an Apple ID to create ads on its platform

In the past, iAd ads could only be created if you were a registered Apple developer. From now on, any user with an Apple ID can create their own iAd or Apple ads to be displayed in App Store apps .

Advertising is the financing of the contents , without advertising we would not have films, nor series, nor football, nor free apps. Thanks to those annoying, funny, boring or interesting, if there are also ads we can enjoy many of the things we like for free.

Apple Allows Anyone with an Apple ID to Create Ads on iAd
Apple Allows Anyone with an Apple ID to Create Ads on iAd

The most current case of financing by advertising is that of the transmission of motorcycles. Before we had the free broadcasting of motorcycle races but with a lot of advertising, many people complained about it , but this year, most of the races will be broadcast in a premium format for a monthly fee.

The same goes for apps, we have free apps with advertising, we have free apps with integrated purchases and we have paid apps. The conclusion is that if we want to live a life without paying for all the audiovisual stuff we consume, we have to swallow advertising .

Advertising pays for content that is free to us

Apple knows that consumers don’t want to pay, or at least pay for an app is not their first choice , so it doesn’t stop making their iAd or app-integrated ads more accessible. The goal is for the developer to monetize their app even if it’s free.

First they lowered the prices, then they made the process easier and now they have decided that it is no longer necessary to be a developer to be able to publish an ad that appears in the apps , but that any user of any Apple product could do it.

To create and upload these iAd’s we have to work with their Workbench platform, which they have also updated to improve it and include new features. For example, we can now include short videos that will be shown full screen on the iPad and iPhone. This improves on the previous “mini” banners that were the only possibility for advertisers.

In addition, the enhancements also come from the payment mode which can be either CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) . These payments are the most used in the world of digital advertising as they are the easiest to measure, although they also have their limitations. That’s why I’m sure it won’t be the last modification of Cupertino’s.

The only doubt I have is if the Apple system will not end up as invaded by annoying advertising as 80% of the sites on the Internet are . Of course, according to iPhoneinCanada’s colleagues, it doesn’t seem that Apple is thinking of extending these iAd’s to services like iTunes Radio, but it’s certainly a possibility they are considering.

And you, think that these measures will affect you ?

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