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Apple AirPods are the public’s favourite according to surveys

We live in a world where cables are becoming less and less important in electronic devices. Thus, in this wireless scenario, Apple AirPods were born several years ago. These were not the first bluetooth headphones, but in a way they were the ones that drove more and more brands to turn to the design and manufacture of this type of accessory. Now we’ve learned from several surveys by CounterPoint Research that AirPods are the favorite brand of many people.

We are not going to deceive ourselves, AirPods may be liked a lot for their design, functionalities or any other aspect, but there are plenty of bluetooth headphones on the market with many features that are lacking in Apple’s headphones. Nevertheless, and quite legitimately, a majority of American users surveyed have stated that they prefer the apple headphones over brands such as Bose, Sony and even the prestigious Beats, also owned by Apple.

Apple AirPods are the public’s favourite according to surveys
Apple AirPods are the public’s favourite according to surveys

For a 57% of respondents, AirPods are the preferred headset over any other. This is followed, but not quite as closely, by the Bose with 39%. Samsung headphones also seem to fit into the list of users’ tastes, with 33% of respondents choosing the South Korean brand. The ever-popular Sony headphones are at 31%, while Beats has 26%.

Thanks to this survey it is estimated that in the United States 60% of the headphones used are already wireless , which is a clear example of what we said at the beginning of this article in reference to a ‘world without wires’. The other 40% are people who are willing to buy wireless headphones in the coming months.

Beyond the numbers, we’re glad that AirPods have such a high degree of acceptance and preference. Those of us who use them every day are usually delighted with their performance and functionality. However, and perhaps this is a personal assessment, Apple should try to implement improvements in a hypothetical third generation AirPod to try to cover some of the shortcomings such as waterproofing and noise cancellation. These two features are present in the most popular competitive headphones.

There are many other brands on the market posing as Apple to sell fake AirPods. That’s why we should always check the originality of the AirPods we are going to buy, to avoid possible frauds.

What do you think of this survey? Are AirPods your favorite wireless headphones? You can tell us in the comment box.

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