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Apple aims to produce micro-LED displays by the end of 2017

According to Digitimes, Apple is focused on testing micro-LED technology in order to implement it in the 2018 Apple Watch.

Apple developing new screens for its clock

From Digitmes we receive this news about the apple company and its research about micro-LED screens, being specially designed for the Apple Watch that the company would launch from 2018 onwards. This production would be located in the Taoyuan plant, in Taiwan. This was stated in the middle:

Apple Watch 3 Rumors

Apple aims to produce micro-LED displays by the end of 2017
Apple aims to produce micro-LED displays by the end of 2017

The Apple Watch 3 could come out in September

We could have assumed that Cupertino would implement this technology in his next watch, but everything seems to indicate that he won’t, since at least we’ll see it in 2018. Besides, it’s already known that the Apple Watch 3 will mount an OLED screen, among other things we mentioned in this article. It would be nice if Apple implemented micro-LED displays in this next watch, since it has certain advantages over what we know today. For example it could be thinner, lighter, brighter and more resistant .

It would also consume less power, which would mean better battery life since these displays are based on those made by LuxVue, which Apple bought in 2014. Samsung has also wanted to make progress in this area, and there are rumours of a possible purchase of a company dedicated to this. As for Foxconn, it is also rumored that it could acquire eLux in order to build these micro-LED screens.

It is clear that this would mean a race between brands to develop this technology and implement it in their devices as soon as possible. What we are clear about is that for us users it will be a great novelty that will make our apple clocks better, as they currently do not shine especially if we refer to battery performance. With the upgrade to WatchOS 3 it has improved significantly in all, but especially in the first generation watches.