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Apple Adapts the iTunes Store with the Arrival of OS X Yosemite

Apple changes iTunes Store design with the imminent arrival of OS X Yosemite

A new Apple Keynote will take place this Thursday, in which they will surely present the new generation of the iPad and the iPad Mini, but is also expected to announce the release of OS X Yosemite , the latest version of the US company’s desktop operating system. With this imminent arrival, Apple has begun to deploy a redesigned version of the iTunes Store for iTunes 12 users , which also debuts a new redesign.

The arrival of OS X Yosemite will bring with it iTunes 12, the latest version that has a redesign to be able to adapt to the new visual elements , and following these changes there will also be a redesign in the store, the iTunes Store.

Apple Adapts the iTunes Store with the Arrival of OS X Yosemite
Apple Adapts the iTunes Store with the Arrival of OS X Yosemite

Those who have a Beta version of OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12 installed on their Mac computers are slowly starting to receive this new design , which fits much better with this version of the operating system and also with the design of the App Store that was released with the last version of iOS 7. This design features, among other things, the new carousel located at the top that shows outstanding content , but this is not the only novelty.

Key new features of the new iTunes Store design

This new carousel located at the top that we have just mentioned abandons the image pass in the header to give way to a new, cleaner and flatter design . The contents are now displayed on a kind of large card that is moved horizontally in the style of the old carousel, either with two fingers or by dragging the mouse over it.

On the other hand, in this new design also the shadow and depth effects on the buttons are lost, the images of movies and music albums become flatter , without rounded corners, shadows, or frames, as well as the arrival of a new typeface for the entire store.

In addition, it should also be noted that changes have been added to the content pages , i.e. to the individual pages for discs, TV programs or iOS applications, among other things. These pages have been redesigned to add new controls similar to the iOS style.

The sidebar on the iTunes Store home page has also been modified in this new design, showing the content in a flatter way and the content has been slightly reorganized.

It should be noted that a key feature missing from the new iTunes Store design is the application preview . With the changes made in iOS 8, Apple allowed developers to include a small video next to the sample images of their applications so that users can get a better idea of what it looks like before downloading it. This feature is currently only available on iOS devices, but is expected to be implemented on the desktop version with one of the first updates you receive.

The new design of the iTunes Store is gradually being rolled out

Some Apple stores, such as the App Store or the Podcast Store, have quick filtering options at the top of the page that allow the user to quickly and easily switch between content. In the case of the App Store, the iOS app store, this option is very useful for switching between iPhone and iPad apps , while in Podcasts the user can decide whether to watch audio or video podcasts or both at once.

However, since 9to5Mac they comment that the new design introduced by Apple in the iTunes Store does not seem to be implemented in all parts of the store and some sections still use the old design , such as the page to redeem gift cards.

What do you think of the new design they’ve introduced on the iTunes Store? Do you like it?

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