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Apple acquires the Workflow automation app: now you can download it for free

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Since almost its launch, Workflow is the most powerful tool in the App Store thanks to its infinite possibilities of automation through workflows. This is something that Apple also knows, and it seems that this has been reason enough to acquire the company and the developers behind the app.

Workflow has only been around for a few years and in this time we have seen how is able to simplify and automate complex tasks into simple actions thanks to workflows. The team made up of a couple of developers will now start working directly for Apple without knowing exactly what will happen with the app, which for now will be free on the App Store.

Apple acquires the Workflow automation app: now you can download it for freeApple acquires the Workflow automation app: now you can download it for free

Workflow was created in a WWDC class but has been a success since its launch. It was an example of how to find a need in the iOS ecosystem, approach it in an interesting way and execute it with intelligence and attention to detail. In short, it is very well designed and fills an important gap in the Apple mobile system .

Apple has confirmed the acquisition and said the following:

There is a negative point in this purchase, and they are the services that are no longer compatible with the app : Pocket, Line, Telegram, Uber, Google Street View and Google Chrome. Moreover, some services have been replaced, for example maps are now offered by Apple Maps and translations by Microsoft Translate.

As indicated Ari Weinstein, co-founder of Workflow, in the interview we conducted with him , “what iOS needs most is better and more direct communication between apps, so that they can “communicate” with each other” . With them now directly on the iOS development team, it will be much easier to achieve this. The more access you have to the iOS APIs, the easier it is to build automation that improves and vitaminises the system. You can read the full interview to learn more about it.

Apple’s purchase of Workflow, besides being a surprise, is the best news that we could receive for demanding iOS users . Since the departure of Sal Saghoian, the automation manager at Apple, some people have thought that this category was losing Apple’s interest. This is not the case, because with Workflow it is proven that it is a long term bet.

Either Apple integrates all these Workflow functions into one of its own apps or they are integrated directly into iOS by default. Siri is the one who will be able to benefit most from these automations and we will be able to execute commands directly to the virtual assistant.

On the other hand, there is also a great opportunity here to offer extra features on the iPad. Apple’s efforts to show that the iPad is a powerful tool and that it has an operating system to match, may now pay off with the purchase of Workflow and with iOS 11 or maybe iOS 12. Either way, with iOS we have a very interesting future ahead of us .