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Apple acquires the Laserlike self-learning startup

Auto-learning is definitely one of Apple’s priorities today. That is why the company has just acquired Laserlike, a startup that has built a platform for personalization, discovery and search of web content, using advanced machine learning .

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Apple acquires the Laserlike self-learning startup
Apple acquires the Laserlike self-learning startup

Among its main projects, Laserlike created a search application using automatic learning techniques . The Laserlike application is no longer available after the acquisition, but the company’s website continues to cover what it focused on: “Laserlike’s main mission is to deliver high quality information and diverse perspectives on any topic throughout the web. We are passionate about helping people pursue their interests and engage with new perspectives” .

An Apple spokesman was in charge of confirming the purchase, assuring in a statement that “Apple buys small technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purposes or plans [after acquisitions]” , so we do not yet know what the company’s intentions are with this purchase.

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As we have seen in recent years, the apple company is increasingly using ‘machine learning’ tools , in items such as the iPhone camera and associated applications.

To get an idea of this, it is worth mentioning that the iPhone’s Portrait Mode focuses largely on automatic learning to create spectacular images, which are obtained by creating a mask that separates the subject from the background.

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