Apple acquires Lattice, a company focused on artificial intelligence

Apple continues to focus on improving its virtual assistant, Siri, and buys one of the largest artificial intelligence companies, Lattice Data, which focuses on unstructured data or obscure data for $200 million in order to make it more complete and efficient for the user.

What is Lattice?

Lattice Data , a company that now belongs to Apple, has the function of processing the obscure data or unstructured data, which are lost and not used by the virtual assistant, into structured data with sufficient quality to be useful for our assistant and thus have greater efficiency.

Apple acquires Lattice, a company focused on artificial intelligence
Apple acquires Lattice, a company focused on artificial intelligence

When we talk about unstructured data or obscure data , we are referring to photos, videos or text strings that so far are not used by our virtual assistant, Siri. With the acquisition of Lattice, thanks to its artificial intelligence engine, these data can be converted and sorted into perfectly structured data available to be called from Siri. An example of this new functionality would be to be able to ask Siri for: show me all the places I’ve visited. Siri, would recognize the places we have taken pictures of and filter our reel by showing us only those places.

Powerful artificial intelligence engine

Although Apple does not usually give information about its new acquisitions, TechCrunch has announced this news and, as usual, everything seems to be true.

Apple would have paid around $200 million for the purchase of this company, in order to improve Siri’s functionality.

The acquisition of this company would improve one of the most important shortcomings in Apple devices, such as Siri and its artificial intelligence. Until now Siri is not able to recognize or find a relationship with images or videos from our own device, among others.

Apple acquires Latiice Data, a new artificial intelligence engine.

It has been estimated that around 80% of the data generated could be located as obscure data , this percentage being data found in social networks, audios, photos or videos. Therefore, if all these data were used, the advance that would give Siri would be enormous.

Therefore, if we analyze the potential of this new company that Apple has acquired, the development of its virtual assistant would give a great jump in our devices , allowing us to carry out more functions and wasting very few unstructured data that are currently not used.

What do you think about this new Apple acquisition? Will we see new advances in Siri?

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Source: 9to5mac

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