Apple acquires Beddit, a sleep monitoring application on iPhone and Apple Watch

Beddit, the sleep monitoring and tracking company now forms Apple, as the company has been bought by Cupertino’s. Another interesting company that joins the ranks of Apple.

Beddit is now part of Apple

Apple already has a company entirely dedicated to the study and control of sleep. This is Beddit, a very famous application available for both the iPhone and Apple’s watch.

Apple acquires Beddit, a sleep monitoring application on iPhone and Apple Watch
Apple acquires Beddit, a sleep monitoring application on iPhone and Apple Watch

There are no details about the acquisition yet, but Beddit has changed its terms and privacy policies on its website. In addition to changes to their website, the existing iOS application has received an update to announce changes to the personal data collection policy.

Beddit Update Information

Would this purchase indicate the implementation of such a function in future versions of watchOS?

Many users have complained that this sleep measurement function is not implemented as standard on Apple Watches, as is the case with many competing watches and wristwatches.

Does this purchase mean that we will soon be able to see this assumption implemented? Most likely, because Apple always buys certain applications from third parties to try to implement them in their operating systems .

Remember when we told you here that Apple had bought Workflow, the famous stock automation application. Automator in iPhone version? Well, something like that could happen with Beddit.

We will have to see how Apple approaches this new purchase, if only by implementing the application within the system natively, or if on the contrary it also makes us use the accessories sold by the company.

Beddit also manufactures sleep accessories

Beddit 3, iPhone Sleep Quality Measurement Accessory

But Beddit is not only dedicated to controlling our sleep through Apple devices, but also sells accessories for much more precise measurement.

One of its examples is the Beddit 3 sleep monitor, which is sold inside the Apple Store. It is a device that is placed under the bed sheet, between the mattress and the bed sheet, in order to make a more accurate measurement of our sleep . Moreover, as it is a kind of small band it does not harm us at bedtime as it will hardly be noticed.

This accessory makes a measurement of our pulses, breathing, etc, while we sleep in a non-intrusive way so as not to affect our sleep. It also analyzes the humidity and temperature of the environment to indicate the best conditions at bedtime.

However, if you want to measure the sleep of two people who sleep in the same bed, you should buy two measuring tapes, since their use works individually.

The way it is measured is much more efficient, as you don’t have to wear any major accessories to measure your sleep. And this comes in handy since the Apple Watch is not exactly known for having a battery life that is too efficient to spend it while we sleep.

Of course, the price is not too cheap, since it costs almost 150 euros in the Apple Store. It’s up to you whether the level of curiosity is worth that price. In spite of that, it’s very interesting.

If you don’t want to spend so much money on this sleep monitor, you can opt for the AutoSleep app which will allow you to monitor your sleep with the Apple Watch perfectly.

What did you think of Apple’s purchase of Beddit and do you think this feature will be implemented in future versions of the WatchOS system? It would certainly be interesting, as it is one of the most requested features by Apple Watch users. We will see how it performs once implemented, and what the battery consumption would be during the night.

We’re waiting for your comment! We love to hear your opinion.

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