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Apple Acquired 9 Companies since October and Wants to Continue in 2013

Tim Cook has revealed that Apple has made nine silent acquisitions since the beginning of the year, a rate that exceeds Apple’s usual rate of buying one company every 70 days in 2012 .

Apple has purchased 9 companies since October last year and plans to follow suit in 2013

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was interviewed at the D11 conference of AllThingsD , Cupertino’s company has made 9 acquisitions in less than 7 months and plans to continue at the same pace this year.

Apple Acquired 9 Companies since October and Wants to Continue in 2013Apple Acquired 9 Companies since October and Wants to Continue in 2013

In the words of Tim Cook:

With May coming to an end, this left Apple’s acquisition rate at one purchase every 23 days . It is not clear which acquisitions have been made, and Cook said that Apple would only announce acquisitions “once they have been made” .

The company is not looking to make a “big buy” , but Apple’s CEO said he was not opposed to such a move, as long as the result of this investment was a great product.

Referring to social networking services such as Facebook, Cook said he has never felt that Apple needs a social network. “We do some things that are social: iMessage or Game Center” , said Cook. At last year’s D10 conference, he announced that the Ping music social service would soon disappear.

The other day we saw that Apple is rumored to have its eye on Waze, a social networking application that may also be being courted by Google and Facebook. Cook, however, said that the company had not made any offer for this service .

As they explain at Appleinsider, Apple has historically made strategic acquisitions, one of the most notable being the acquisition of Siri in 2010. The company also bought the biometric security company AuthenTec in July 2012, which sparked all sorts of rumors about a future iPhone that could include high-tech fingerprint identification, used for example to unlock the device instead of using a code.

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good strategy to acquire companies that stand out in a particular field?

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