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Apple achieves its second best quarter ever

Las ventas de iPhone no se recuperarán hasta 2020

Por si fuera poco, la compañía también ha podido anunciar algunos cambios en los precios del iPhone en los países que han sufrido de la fluctuación de su moneda, y que por tanto tendrían precios notablemente más altos que en otros países. Así, Apple cierra un importante capítulo en su línea del tiempo, y se prepara para un futuro en el que no podrán depender tanto de su iPhone. Esperemos que estén listos para cuando llegue el momento.

Apple achieves its second best quarter ever
Apple achieves its second best quarter ever

Finally, and as we said some time ago, Apple is not going anywhere, at least for now. After several months of rumors about the sales of the new iPhones, after having seen a statement from Tim Cook reviewing the companies’ forecasts, and after having had to endure the media pressure for what many called a disaster before its time, Cupertino’s are still going strong. And they do so with the second best quarter in their history .

Just a few minutes ago, CNBC announced Apple’s long-awaited quarterly results, and to the surprise of many, the company has managed to stay ahead of the external forecasts in general . The only thing that was below analysts’ expectations was iPhone revenue, which stood at $51.98 billion, when it was estimated at $52.67 billion. An important figure that will hardly go unnoticed.

Other key details collected by these results are, for example, the revenue growth of the services division, in the absence of the new features that will arrive this year; and the replacement of the iPad by the Wearables division, which could also surpass the Mac in the near future. In addition, there has been talk of the fall in revenue in China , which finally stands at 27% compared to last year.

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