Apple Accused of “Anti-Competitive Practices” by Some Governments

Apple is in the spotlight of several governments around the globe and this time the news is not good for Cupertino’s people. According to the source, Apple could face an investigation against the monopolistic practices it is accused of benefiting from in Europe through its contracts with the operators that subsidize the iPhone. If so, a case similar to that of last year, in which Apple had to answer to the Australian courts for an alleged case of speculation in the prices of digital content, would be repeated.

Apple accused by different European and Australian governments of monopolistic practices

The case has already been launched and Apple will have to explain why the prices of digital content are considerably more expensive in Australia than in the United States, according to the Sydney Morning Herald , between 30 and 70%. Apple, through Mr. King, the company’s vice president for Australia, New Zealand and South Asia, has directly blamed that country’s pricing arrangements:

Apple Accused of “Anti-Competitive Practices” by Some Governments
Apple Accused of “Anti-Competitive Practices” by Some Governments

In addition, the vice president also argued that the sales they were getting through iTunes Australia were similar to other Australian physical and online stores, so prices should not be as high.

In the old continent they are studying the possibility that contracts with telephone operators could be violating antitrust regulations. French companies have reported these alleged irregularities in contracts that would oblige them to commit to purchasing large quantities of iPhones if they wish to sell to customers.

The competition has also taken a heavy toll on the apple company. They claim that the large purchase of iPhones by operators causes strong pressure to devote much of their marketing budgets on the Apple terminal, leaving little money for the rest of the smartphones on the market.

The EC Competition Commission does not want to take any action at this stage and expects that these alleged irregularities will result directly between Apple and the operators.

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