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Apple Accepts Bitcoin Related Apps on the App Store

Return the Bitcoin to the App Store

Bitcoin applications have been re-admitted by Apple . We woke up this morning to find that after removing all the applications related to virtual currencies from the store due to their somewhat dubious legal policies, the company has come to its senses and has once again allowed the use of Bitcoin in the App Store.

It all started a little over a year ago, when Apple released a statement to all developers of virtual currency applications (Bitcoin) stating that if they did not change their legal policies they would disappear from the App Store . Apparently, apps of this type are not legal everywhere they are available, which forced the company to take action.

Apple Accepts Bitcoin Related Apps on the App Store
Apple Accepts Bitcoin Related Apps on the App Store

A few weeks ago we announced here on iPadizate, that Apple might be considering including Bitcoin apps again in the App Store with the arrival of the new iOS 8, but it seems that they wanted to bring it forward a few months. This change of mind may have been due to the modification of the rules of the shop to the notice given by the company to the affected developers: “comply with state and federal laws in all areas where your app is available”.

Bitcoin apps progressively flood the App Store again

The first virtual currency application that we have been able to see available on the App Store after the official lifting of the restriction imposed by Cupertino’s company has been Coin Pocket , which appeared during yesterday afternoon. The app arrived shortly after Apple added a new rule to its legal guidelines claiming the following:

So far, Apple’s approach to virtual currency applications has been quite conservative, but it seems to have wanted to take a step towards starting to rely on such services. In fact, the U.S. government has stated that it does not believe that Bitcoin apps create any legal concerns for Apple, since people who extract virtual currencies for personal use and companies that invest in buying and selling them in the U.S. are not considered frauds .

So, as our friends at TheVerge say, Bitcoin apps are back in the App Store… What do you think about that?