appear in the iOS 13.3 source code


Yesterday Apple published the final version of iOS 13.3, a new update that as we saw, brings interesting news. But there seems to be more, details that Apple did not reveal and have been found in the iOS source code. For example, a new Powerbeats4 headset is about to arrive .

appear in the iOS 13.3 source code
appear in the iOS 13.3 source code

As you have discovered in 9to5mac, the iOS 13.3 source code shows a reference to a “Powerbeats4” that will be able to activate the Siri Assistant simply with a “Hey Siri” command . This is the same as for AirPods and some Beats headphones models.

The fact that Siri is activated by a voice command in the headset means that the most probably comes with an H1 chip inside . The H1 chip (formerly called W1) allows for improved wireless connectivity of the headset to iOS devices via Bluetooth. But there’s more, it also improves sound quality and offers special features such as Siri activation by voice command or direct pairing between iOS devices.

Currently the Beats brand sells for example the Powerbeats Pro which are wireless and bring the voice command ‘Hey Siri’. The new Powerbeats4 are therefore most likely a lower version of the Powerbeats Pro . Note that the current Powerbeats3 (which they will presumably replace) are wireless but with a cable connecting both earphones.

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The current Powerbeats3 are sold for 199.95 euros at the official Apple store. The Powerbeats4 will probably replace this model and keep the price. Anyway there is no official release date and in fact no official information, so we will have to wait and see what happens.


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