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Apparently Bose wants Beats out of the NFL

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The news gradually began to echo in various media, and given the situation in court between Bose and Beats was expected to go further, especially because Beats has a long list of sponsorships with athletes, where of course we can find NFL players .

Apparently Bose wants Beats out of the NFLApparently Bose wants Beats out of the NFL

The curious thing about this contract is that it also mentions that players can make use of brands or products they want, only during their free time , which in theory should not intervene in Beats’ sponsorships.

For their part, Apple now as owner of Beats, came out to give the following statements once they were asked about Bose’s position in the NFL:

After all this, hours later, the same NFL has gone out to try to calm the waters , since the least convenient thing in the middle of the season, is a scandal with Apple and more now that they have transmission contracts within the devices of the apple. Their comments were as follows:

With these latest statements, one could say that there is nothing left to discuss. As I mentioned, Beats continues to increase its presence within various sectors of the industry, where sports has become a very important one, even for this year it is expected that they will close sponsorships with new athletes, more after the success of the campaign they carried out at the end of last year with Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49’s.

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