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App to Follow Meetings and Events with an iPad or iPhone

When we are following a conference, a class or simply a meeting, a lot of information comes up and in many cases it is important to write it down somewhere to review it later. Evermeeting is an app that was born precisely to cover these situations and we must say that it does so in a very interesting way.

Evermeeting was born as a app to follow up meetings, conferences, classes and other types of events . The app allows you to record the audio and create different types of annotations that will be linked to the recording, very useful to know exactly at what time of the recorded event we make each annotation.

App to Follow Meetings and Events with an iPad or iPhone
App to Follow Meetings and Events with an iPad or iPhone

All the data we save with Evermeeting is stored in the cloud, which guarantees a perfect synchronization between all our devices and makes it easier for us to collaborate with other app users.

Evermeeting User Interface

The Evermeeting iPad user interface is divided into three different panels:

In the first panel we find several options to search among the contents stored in the app . We can use a search engine and different filters to search through the notes, tasks, events and other options.

The second is the main panel. From it we can navigate through all the events we’ve followed from the app and we can also create new ones . In addition, it is in this panel where the icon is to access the settings and also to delete events that we no longer need.

In the third panel we can manage everything related to the active event . From here we can start the event audio recording, pause it or stop it. In addition, at the bottom of this panel we find icons that allow us to insert the different types of annotations and elements available: agenda, tasks, comments, URLs, different types of marks and also delete any of the annotations.

Recording a meeting or conference with Evermeeting

To make a new recording of an event, the first thing to do is to touch the + button that we find in the second panel.

In the window that will appear we will have to set some data as: event title, place, date, tags, agenda and people (the attendees) . All of these options are optional, although it’s worth filling them in to make it easier to find the event if we use the app a lot.

Once the event is created, we can tap on the Start button that is on the third panel. At that moment the event will start and, if we wish, we can tap on the record button to start the audio recording .

During the recording, we can tap on the different icons to insert comments, tasks, agenda items, links or tags to then easily locate the different points of the event.

Once the event is over, we will only have to touch the end button to end the recording and the event will be closed.

It will be at that moment when the data is synchronized with the cloud and we will be able to visualize it in any of our devices and the people we have included in the event who are users of the app will also be able to access it.

It is important to mention that if at the end of an event, we do not have an Internet connection nothing happens. The data will remain on the iPad and will synchronize once we get a connection , either through WiFi or 3G (option we can limit to only WiFi from the app settings).

What we liked best about Evermeeting

  • The design of the app’s user interface: very careful and usable.
  • The ability to share recorded events with other users easily.
  • The possibility of working with the app offline and having it synchronized at another time.

The thing we liked least about Evermeeting

  • Not being able to restart an event that we had finished.

Download Evermeeting for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

Without a doubt Evermeeting is a highly recommended app for anyone who attends meetings on a regular basis , students and others who need to record any conversation and take notes. Of course, we must remember that before starting to record a person’s voice, we must ask permission, as not everyone is willing to record it.

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