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App Store wish list, iOS 7 news

The App Store received more than just a facelift with iOS 7 and while automatic updates are by far the most interesting new feature and have the greatest impact on my day-to-day life, another little novelty in the store hasn’t gone unnoticed by many of you either. It’s the Wish List , the possibility to save an app that might interest us but that we’re still not convinced to buy either for the price while waiting for a discount or as a reminder to look for more information at another time.

Adding an app to our wish list in the App Store is as simple as clicking on the share button (the square with an up arrow) from the information page of the app in question and clicking on the corresponding button (the self-described “Add to Wish List” in the lower left corner).

App Store wish list, iOS 7 newsApp Store wish list, iOS 7 news

By clicking on the list button right next to the share button we’ll access the apps we’ve been saving, being possible to quickly access any of them or edit the list to remove any of them that no longer interest us.

Of course, our App Store wish list is synchronized through iCloud so it’s common to all our devices. That said, it’s not the eighth wonder of the world, nor will it change anyone’s life, but it certainly has its uses. As an upgrade for future versions, wouldn’t it be great if Apple notified us when one of these apps became available for free?