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App Store, Weather, Maps and Calculator

The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is getting closer. iOS 7 has a new interface and new features, as well as completely redesigned native applications. During the last weeks we have been seeing some of the new features that several of the native applications of the system will have, such as the Camera application, Activation Lock, Photos and some more.

Today we want to take a look at 4 of the native applications which, of course, have also been redesigned by the Jony Ive team. The common feature of all of them is the same as the rest of the system: a clean and simple interface. Let’s see them one by one!

App Store and iTunes on iOS 7

App Store, Weather, Maps and CalculatorApp Store, Weather, Maps and Calculator

The app store and iTunes are pretty much the same as now, except for a few new features and, of course, the change of look.

The wish list is a new feature added in iOS 7 that allows us to add paid applications that we want but don’t have, thus having a list of applications that we might buy someday. You can access this feature from a button located at the top right of the App Store. To add an application to the list you only have to go to the application’s page and in the Share button you’ll have the option.

Another new feature of iOS 7 is Near Me , which shows the applications that are relevant to our current location.

As we saw a few days ago, the App Store now has a new Kids category, which shows the best apps for kids based on age.

Another new feature is the Automatic updates , a feature that was much needed. As the name suggests, application updates will now take place automatically in the background, if we want to be clear.

According to Apple, the update system will now be “smart” . Cupertino’s ensure that updates will be programmed to use as little battery as possible, as well as when the device is connected to a WiFi network so as not to drain the MB of our data plan.

You can turn off automatic updates under Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates.

iTunes 11 adds the ability to redeem gift cards with the camera on the Mac and this feature will also come to the iPhone with iOS 7. Touching the “Redeem” button will display a screen that says “Redeem your gift card with your iPhone’s camera” .

Once we put the gift card in front of the camera, iOS will try to recognize the numbers and draw a picture around it.


The Time application has been completely renewed, the most notable change being the incorporation of a dynamic background that reflects the current time . So if it’s sunny you’ll see a bright sunny background, if it’s raining you’ll see raindrops and so on.

In iOS 7 we have a new view that makes a brief summary of all the cities we have configured in the application, along with the dynamic backgrounds.

Some users have commented that the new design of the native Time application looks very similar to Yahoo’s Time application. Here you can see a comparison:


In Maps for iOS 7 when you zoom in it shows you a scale to give an estimate of the distances.

We now have a full screen mode that hides the navigation bar and tab bar, giving the map more screen space. This mode can be activated by touching any part of the map once.

Another new feature in Maps for iOS 7 is the addition of a Night mode that makes the interface display in a dark tone to make it more comfortable to see at night. The application automatically switches between the two modes based on the time of day.

iOS 7 maps show the time estimate that we have left to arrive under the car icon.

Apple has also added to Maps, favourites with synchronisation, as well as step-by-step navigation .


The design of the Calculator application remains the same, but it no longer includes textures to make it look like a real calculator. The buttons have been flattened, there is no leather texture on the background and the numbers are displayed in a finer font.

As you may have seen, the memory buttons have been removed in the normal view. The split button has been moved to the right and in its place there is a percentage button.

Some changes have also been made in landscape mode. The button size is now 5×10 instead of 6×8, and 49 buttons are included instead of 46.

Finally, as mentioned on iPhoneHacks, we will now have a direct access to the Calculator in the Control Center .

All these redesigned applications, along with all the others, will be available as part of the iOS 7 update that is expected to be released on September 18 .

As we saw, the native applications are not the only ones that will adapt to the new design, so when iOS 7 comes out the new look should be adopted quite quickly. What do you think of the new design and the new features of the App Store, Weather, Maps and Calculator applications for iOS 7?

It’s official!

Confirmed! Apple will hold a Keynote on September 10th in which the final version of iOS 7 and a few iPhones will be presented. Maybe iPhone 5C, maybe iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6… Although there are also rumors about iPad 5 and iWatch. What will Apple surprise us with this time?

Will you follow the Keynote live with us?

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