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App Store search engine momentarily down

The Independent
If you’ve been trying to find an application to download from the App Store for a while and find it impossible, don’t despair: it’s not your device. Apparently, it is a generalised crash of the search engine of the online store that would have disabled the searches. It seems that this problem would be affecting both the App Store and the Mac App Store and Apple is aware of the problem .

It is not known if this is a general problem that has rendered the system unusable or if it affects a large number of users, but MacRumors reports that quite a few users are alerting to the problem on social networks. Those affected will be found by typing a text in the search field with which the system is not active and although no error message is displayed, the search is not carried out.

App Store search engine momentarily down
App Store search engine momentarily down

Other users report that when they perform a search, the system proposes an application that has nothing to do with the text written. Although Apple has not yet issued a statement to this effect, its platform status control page appears in yellow (instead of green) along with the text “the service is not working as it should” . It follows that Cupertino’s are already working on restoring the service.


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