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App Store revenue this Christmas reaches a new record

This Christmas users have bought more than ever on the App Store achieving record revenues. This was announced by Apple itself in a press release, which decided not to wait for the presentation of economic results on February 1st, releasing this data now: 890 million dollars in just seven days, counting from Christmas Eve.

Another curious fact they have given is that on New Year’s Day alone, 300 million dollars were raised, somewhat surprising that in just one day such an amount of money is raised.

App Store revenue this Christmas reaches a new record
App Store revenue this Christmas reaches a new record

The statement that has been launched from Apple, comes signed by the senior vice president of the company Phil Schiller, where he says that the developers have won this 2017 a total of $ 26.5 million which is 30% more than last year. With this last year, the developers have earned a total of 86 billion dollars since 2008 . Moreover, he did not want to miss the opportunity to say how happy he is with the design of the store that was remodeled in iOS 11 . Specifically, we read the following:

We are delighted with the reaction to the new App Store and to see so many customers discovering and enjoying new applications and games. We want to thank all the creative application developers who have made these great applications and helped change people’s lives. In 2017 alone, iOS developers earned $1 billion of $26.5 – an increase of more than 30 percent compared to 2016.

He also wanted to clarify the amount of applications that take advantage of ARKit which is a total of 2000 applications where some games like Pokémon GO are included. Specifically this is what is extracted from the release:

Pokémon GO returned to the top of the App Store charts on December 21st with the introduction of new augmented reality features, built on Apple’s Arkit framework to deliver a more detailed and realistic gameplay. Customers are now enjoying nearly 2,000 Arkit-enabled applications covering all categories on the App Store.

All this success is attributed by Apple to iOS 11 and to the face-lifting of the App Store as it allows certain applications to be discovered. Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

The press release can be found here.

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