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App Store Reduces Price of 100 Apps and Games

As if it were the summer sales of El Corte Inglés, Apple and the App Store have launched a new promotion in which the price of up to 100 applications and games has been reduced . Yes, yes, 100! And there are very interesting offers…

Chances are, many of you have already noticed the discount on some game or app in our daily iPhone and iPad app offers. But today we’ll focus on highlighting the biggest discounts on the most popular iOS apps.

App Store Reduces Price of 100 Apps and Games
App Store Reduces Price of 100 Apps and Games

We, at iPadizate, already have hundreds and hundreds of applications among all our iOS devices, but it never hurts to buy and download more apps, especially if they are found at a price of 0.99 as is the case with this promotion of 100 applications and games in the App Store.

So, we invite you to get to know the most spectacular apps and games on offer. We have no idea how long this App Store promotion will last. So we recommend that you take advantage of it and if you have your eye on a game, don’t hesitate to download it as soon as possible.

Here is a list of some of the most important games and apps on offer, let’s remember, at £0.99:


Wild Blood



Duet Game

Goat Simulator

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Space


The Room Two


Fruit Ninja



Scanner Pro 6


Radiation Island

Total Recall

Real Racing 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cut The Rope 2

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So far the apps and games we have considered the most popular of the collection of 100 that is currently being promoted. It is important to emphasize again that this promotion is temporary l, so you know boys and girls… Let’s download!

Are there any iPhone and iPad apps or games that you would have liked to have entered into this £0.99 promotion? What is your favourite game from this selection? We invite you to participate in the comments section and in our social networks.

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