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App Store Odyssey

In life, we encounter atypical situations that directly intervene in our personal well-being. In one of these situations I was immersed, when I mistakenly bought the application Tom Tom Europe on the App Store, for a value of 89.99 euros. My battle began to claim what was mine from Apple. I tell you what you must do to claim and apart from that, my “fight” to regain the lost treasure.

By now, many of our readers have probably gone through the bitter experience of buying an item from the iTunes store by mistake. If not, this entry may help you in the future to know how to act in case you purchase a song, app or movie by mistake . I will tell you my recent case with the procedures to do.

App Store Odyssey
App Store Odyssey

I do not wish to refer to the Apple Care Protection Plan on this occasion. I want to focus your attention on an odyssey I just experienced through a purchase by mistake on the App Store .

Error when buying an expensive application

At the end of 2009, I decided to pay Christian for the Tom Tom Europe application. At the time, I spent about 90 euros as it was new to the Apple app store. For different reasons, during this year 2011 I decided to remove the Tom Tom from my iPhone.

Last week, a family member asked me to install that version of Tom Tom on his iPhone because he needed to use it. I put my account on his terminal, looked up the application and acquired a different version of Tom Tom Europe from the one I already had . In short, I automatically and quickly charged my bank account of 89.99 euros for something I already had, even if it had some improvement.

Looking at the picture, I was really scared. That amount of money is not small, and it is even more important considering the dates in which we are. I quickly thought of contacting Apple to request a refund for that application, justifying that I had purchased it wrongly.

Report a problem when buying through iTunes

Digging through Apple’s technical support, I found some light at the bottom of the tunnel. I had read about a possible solution that might solve my biggest concern.

When you need to return a music CD or application that you bought by mistake, go to the iTunes store and enter the “iTunes Store” section . Once inside the largest media store, go to the box in the top right hand corner where your username appears and click on “Account” . Then, go through your purchase history and locate the application, song or file that you downloaded by mistake. You will see a balloon on the right hand side of the information that says “Report a problem” . All that remains is for you to click on it and express your reasons to the iTunes support team.


In my personal adventure, when I pointed out my problem with a very explicit e-mail, I was told that it was a case that needed to be studied and that the operation had not yet been executed and the charge was still pending. All false, since ipso facto I received the e-mail with the invoice of Tom Tom Europe and in my bank the money was withdrawn. The guy told me by accepting the terms and conditions of iTunes, the chances of getting my money back were practically nil since all purchases made through the App Store are absolute and non-refundable .

A strong apathy grew in me, but I controlled my instant rage and wrote another mail to him very politely, in which I summarized that all procedures were already executed and where I attached a screenshot showing that in 2009 I already bought Tom Tom Europe (but a different one from the one I bought last week).

Then, another very nice girl took over, and guaranteed that the balance would be returned to my account as soon as possible. In a total of 5 days, my nightmare came to an end .

Without giving too much trouble, I managed to get back what was mine. I wonder if the same thing will happen to other operating systems, brands or companies. Products make Apple different, but so does after-sales service .

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