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App for iOS with Millions of Hotspots and Passwords

The dream of any Internet user is to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi point free of charge anywhere on the planet . This is actually an idealized thought, but it can be closer than ever thanks to the application of iOS WiFi Map.

Looking for a Wi-Fi point

Access points are becoming more common. We can find them in bars or cafes, as well as in shopping centres, McDonald’s or all kinds of establishments. But there are still occasions when it is difficult to find an Internet access , or other times a supposed free Wi-Fi network is protected by a password.

App for iOS with Millions of Hotspots and Passwords
App for iOS with Millions of Hotspots and Passwords

With WiFi Map we can find the hotspots near us, thanks to a map that incorporates the application . This is actually something that Foursquare has been promoting for some time now, an application that has an iPad version since a few weeks ago. This popular app includes check-in with Wi-Fi router details and passwords for the convenience of later visitors arriving at the same location. But WiFi Map is a much more robust and refined experience , which finds the access point you need faster.

Wi-Fi points are not just for notebooks or laptops

The Wi-Fi point is always associated for use with a laptop or notebook, since you usually only have Internet access via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable with these devices. But every day it is more important to have Internet access points with this technology to be able to connect the smartphone or tablet and thus save on the consumption of data that we have contracted with the teleoperator.

WiFi Map already has access to over 2 million hotspots and the list grows every day , as anyone can bring in a new WiFi hotspot, even providing access to other users with their home WiFi. We always take care of what we do, of course.

Two versions of WiFi Map available

The application is free to download for iOS and also has an Android version. The free version has some restrictions , we can only find access points within 1.2 kilometers of your current location or an address you want to search.

The paid version does not include a limit on the search distance and allows you to save the maps to consult them without an Internet connection, ideal for saving connection data, since you can prepare the map before leaving home and consult it whenever you want.

Download WiFi Map for iPhone and iPad

You can download the WiFi Map application from the button below, which will take you to the free version of iOS. You can then upgrade to the paid version if you like.

You can also download the Android version of WiFi Map from the Google Play store. There are both free and paid versions, as well as iOS.

There is no doubt that with WiFi Map we will save a lot of time when looking for free open WiFi access points . A very useful application for those of us who spend a lot of time away from home and do not want to consume the data rate in the first few days. We got to know this application thanks to Redmond Pie.

How about WiFi Map? Have you ever used it? You can leave your impressions in the comments.

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