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App del Día de iPadizate: Call of Duty: Equipo de asalto

Call of Duty: Strike Team for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

Do your fingers ask for action? Well, give them what they want, Call of Duty has come to iOS. Look around you, the environment is hostile, you and your men will have to create a strategy to accomplish the mission, watch the loader, sharpen your aim, do not forgive your enemies, they will not forgive you.

Get ready for a new experience in action games, Activision presents us with Call of Duty: Strike Team with a new game system with respect to its big brothers, ready to discover it?

Do you prefer a first-person or third-person action game? Call of Duty: Strike Team makes it easy: both

App del Día de iPadizate: Call of Duty: Equipo de asaltoApp del Día de iPadizate: Call of Duty: Equipo de asalto

Let’s travel to the year 2020, the nations are tense and someone has launched a surprise attack that has caused the United States to go to war. That’s where you come in, you will have at your disposal a team with the best men , your mission? to carry out special operations around the world and find out who is behind this attack and finish them off.

As soon as we start we will carry out a tutorial that will teach us how to handle your tactical system (third person) and in first person.

Without a doubt the handling in tactical view is a refreshing novelty that may not catch our attention at first, but once we learn how to use it with the tutorials, it will be very useful and fun.

As for the first-person control, we have the classic controls of this kind of tablet games, but with an incentive, we have some buttons that will make us point directly , this can make us seem to facilitate the game, but you’ll tell me, once you are surrounded by enemies, I’m sure you’ll put it to good use.

On every mission we complete we get bonuses based on our game scores (aim high and you’ll get lots of points). With these bonuses we will increase the level of our squad, their skills will be improved and they will also get better weapons.

The game modes offered by Call of Duty: Strike Team are

  • Campaign Mode: The classic game mode, all the missions of the plot take place here.
  • Survival Mode: This game mode won’t let you off the trigger, so get ready to face waves of enemies.
  • Domain Mode: Capture your enemies’ control points and get score multipliers and chip awards.
  • Challenge mode: invite your friends to play the different challenges available. These are only available for a certain time, so don’t wait any longer and get the highest chip prizes.

If you still can’t get used to touch control for this kind of game, don’t worry. Call of Duty: Strike Team will allow you to use MFi controllers .

This is an ingenious adaptation for iOS of this wonderful action saga, Call of Duty: Strike Team, a game that will give a lot to talk about and play. Don’t wait any longer and see for yourself the new features of this new game .

Download Call of Duty: Strike Team for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone