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APFS will not work initially with Fusion Drive

APFS es recomendable, pero no obligatorio utilizarlo en macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra is not going to arrive until next week, but ironically we have news about the installation of that system. It seems that the new APFS file system will not work with Fusion Drive disks. It will be limited to those Macs that have solid state storage drives.

APFS will not work initially with Fusion Drive
APFS will not work initially with Fusion Drive

During High Sierra beta phase many Macs with Fusion Drive were reformatted to APFS, but in Golden Master version they had to reverse the change and switch back to HFS+ system following detailed instructions. And of course, traditional hard drives will also continue to work with HFS+ .

The “good news” is that Apple applies this restriction in the “initial release” of High Sierra macOS, so it is likely that in a future APFS update will become available for use in Fusion Drive Macs . Something must have caused Cupertino to limit it to SSDs for the time being.

And of course, all these disk formats are completely optional. We will still be free to use any file format we want. macOS High Sierra will be released next Monday, September 25th , while iOS 11 will appear in just under 24 hours. Both systems are completely free.

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