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Apex Legends for iOS could arrive in the coming months

Apex Legends is the game of the moment at the moment, after releasing it a few days ago EA has already achieved more than a million players , aspiring to become the Fortnite of this 2019 as it has a very similar theme. It has worked so well that the developers are already studying its release on both iOS and Android with cross-play so that it can be played in the same game that our friends play on the console.

Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale whose ultimate goal is to be the last one alive. At the moment this game is available in PC, Xbox One and PS4 being totally free to download and enjoy it although obviously the source of income lies in the microtransactions , something typical of EA and that they already include even in paid games.

Apex Legends for iOS could arrive in the coming months
Apex Legends for iOS could arrive in the coming months

The universe in which Apex Legends takes place doesn’t have such ‘childish’ graphics as Fortnite but is a very similar setting to that of TitanFal l with the possibility of choosing different characters as in Overwatch. This incredible mix of concepts may be the key to the ultimate success.

EA wants to take the next step and launch the version of Apex Legends for iOS and Android becoming a multiplatform game with shared servers with those of the consoles.

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Here would be the first problem of this release and that is that it would be very unfair to compete against someone who is playing with a controller or with a keyboard and mouse while on a mobile we use touch controls. The solution to this problem would be to offer a similar experience by making the bluetooth controls compatible in this application, something that has cost Fortnite many months.

At the moment we don’t have an official date for this release although we are sure that they are working on it. Without a doubt EA wants to be present in the App Store and the Google Play Store to enjoy the in-app purchases that have made Epic a real fortune in exchange for the purchase of aspects.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new game and its arrival on the App Store.

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