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Aperture will no longer work in future versions of macOS

Editing photos on a Mac is a joy, especially on a MacBook with a Retina or iMac display. The panels they mount offer the image quality and detail that make them the perfect companion for industry professionals . In addition to having good displays, they have an operating system with powerful software to manipulate them

If you have some knowledge of photography, you probably know Adobe Lightroom. It is one of the most used solutions nowadays in both Mac and Windows PCs because it was created by the creators of the famous Photoshop, although it once had a great rival: Aperture. This proposal, from Apple, is exclusive to computers with the apple logo , although in a few months it will no longer be used.

Aperture will no longer work in future versions of macOS
Aperture will no longer work in future versions of macOS

The first version of Aperture was released in 2005, and has been in development for nearly 10 years. However, Apple announced in 2014 Photos, its replacement, ceased its efforts to further improve it and, in 2015, removed it from the App Store .

Although it has not received any significant updates for a few years now, all users who had it installed could still use it. However, later versions of Mojave macOS will no longer support Aperture .

As a MacRumors account, Apple advises Aperture users to switch to other programs such as Photos , included as standard on Macs, or Adobe Lightroom if you are looking for something more professional. If none of them convince you, you can find more alternatives in the Mac App Store as Affinity Photo.

The next major version of macOS will be announced in June during WWDC , although it will not be until September or October that it will be officially available to everyone. There are still a few months left to make the transition to other photo software.

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