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Aparece an iPhone 5c with Touch ID in the Apple Online Store

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Aparece an iPhone 5c with Touch ID in the Apple Online Store
Aparece an iPhone 5c with Touch ID in the Apple Online Store

The iPhone 5c seems to resist death, despite being the oldest and most modest model of the iPhone family sold by Apple today. Although it has been criticized for being too expensive, Apple still sells it in its shop window as it is probably the most attractive for those who want a touch of color . In addition, the price of it is increasingly tight, which is not attractive, because although the price continues to fall, the technology is also becoming more and more outdated.

Well, after having talked about the new Dock Lightning that Apple presented the other day in an unnoticed way, there is something quite disconcerting in the Dock’s photo gallery during these days. In addition to the fact that you can see it from different angles, when the different iPhones mounted on it start to show up, when we get to the iPhone 5c there is something that squeaks a lot , and that’s what you see in the next picture.

Indeed, it has a Touch ID sensor instead of the classic Home button, something that does not fit with the iPhone 5c, as it does not have a biometric reader. This strange pink iPhone 5c with Touch ID must be a mistake or an oversight by Apple. Several things can happen: either Apple will start mounting the Touch ID on the iPhone 5c because they have run out of stock of the Home buttons , or this is the future iPhone 6c, with the same body as the iPhone 5c and with improved hardware .

The last and most sensible option is that in those assemblies made by Photoshop , some designer has snuck this Touch ID button of an iPhone 5s, creating this specimen that nobody recognizes. To get out of doubts, we’ll have to wait for the presentation of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c, if that’s what they’re finally called.

Although it’s a bit of an order, this would be the perfect candidate for that smaller iPhone that has been rumoured for a while, precisely for those users who resist jumping beyond 4 inches , and prefer a smaller iPhone. Let’s imagine a 4-inch iPhone, with the hardware of the iPhone 6, at 499 euros. It would probably be a bestseller.

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