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AnyDrop 3 allows you to share any file with AirDrop

Maybe some of you already know AnyDrop, the very useful tweak that allows to share any kind of file through AirDrop. If so, you will be interested to know that the developer Majd Alfhaily has returned with an update of AnyDrop, now called AnyDrop 3, which makes it compatible with both iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Even if you’ve never heard of AnyDrop 3, you may well like the idea: we’re talking about a tweak that takes the use of AirDrop to a new level. Taking advantage of the revision they have made of AnyDrop 3 in iDownloadBlog, let’s take a look at it.

AnyDrop 3 allows you to share any file with AirDrop
AnyDrop 3 allows you to share any file with AirDrop

Once you have installed AnyDrop 3 on your iPhone you should look for the application icon in your application menu. Within AnyDrop 3, whose interface is very similar to that of iFile, you can easily navigate through all the files in your iDevice until you find the one you want to share.

When you have located it, simply click on the “i” you will see on the right and the screen that will allow you to share it will appear. Any device with AirDrop in range will appear in the list in the first row and you only have to click on the one you want to receive your file to send it.

AnyDrop 3 allows you to send any file to another iOS device or to a Mac with OS X Yosemite , but tends to work better with iPhone and iPad with the jailbreak done and iFile installed, mostly because iFile allows you to open many different types of files.

It’s also interesting to know that AirDrop 3 can work together with YouTube, and it also allows you to send DRM-free music directly from the app Music , although the latter has a limitation: only music that has been manually synced from the desktop version of iTunes.

You can find AnyDrop 3 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository, for the price of $2.49 . If you are already an AirDrop 2 user, you can upgrade to the new version for only $0.99. Even better: if you bought AirDrop 2 in the last month, the upgrade will be completely free.

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