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Another iPadOS concept shows us a new way of “invoking” apps in Split View


Relatively often, we see software concepts that try to improve the experience in Apple products. This time, a design student known simply as Tommy wanted to bring his vision to iPadOS. Specifically, the Split View multitasking feature for which some users are asking for improvements.

Another iPadOS concept shows us a new way of “invoking” apps in Split ViewAnother iPadOS concept shows us a new way of “invoking” apps in Split View

iPadOS allows you to have up to four apps on your screen at once, counting the two in Split View, Slide Over and the Picture in Picture feature . To add the second app in Split View, we must first slide from the bottom to show the Dock and then drag the app into place.

This has an obvious limitation, which arises when the app we need is not in the Dock or in the apps suggested by iPadOS. So what do we do? This is the question this iPadOS concept aims to answer.

Simply slide your finger from the right edge of the iPad to display the home screen . There we can choose the app we want and add it to the split screen. In the concept there’s an indicator where apps are divided with the home screen or the app with which the screen is shared.

This indicator allows us to add the apps that we don’t have in the Dock, although it has an obvious limitation. When we take over the side of the screen, how can we get the apps back in Slide Over ? Another gesture would be needed that is not taught in the concept since it is limited to a single aspect of iPadOS.

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In the end, creating a concept with a single function is quite simple. But developing it completely and dealing with the incongruities that inevitably arise is a far more complex task.