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Another engineer leaves Apple, what are the reasons this time?

Almost all major telephony brands have already focused their efforts on creating 5G devices to begin to reach the market imminently, unless this technology is also extended by the operators. From Apple they tried to find a supplier and when everything pointed out that it would be Intel, Qualcomm appeared as a supplier of these components due to the delay of the other mentioned suppliers in the development of the chips. This could have affected one of Apple’s chip engineers, Rubén Caballero, who has recently left the company. Here are the details.

Ruben Caballero has been one of Apple’s key engineers for the past 15 years . He joined the company in 2005 and holds numerous patents from the company that develops wireless technologies. Since the first iPhone also worked to maintain a good technology connections in these terminals, so in 2010 was also one of the responsible for the famous ‘antennagate’ that caused these devices to lose signal when covering a certain area.

Another engineer leaves Apple, what are the reasons this time?
Another engineer leaves Apple, what are the reasons this time?

Despite bad times like the one mentioned with the iPhone 4, the truth is that Caballero was a very valued man at Apple both for Steve Jobs at the time and now for Tim Cook. However his role would have been diminishing in recent times with staff changes in the management of some departments. Finally, and according to The Information, he would have left the company recently although without specifying dates. The only thing that is known for sure is that in February he was still working in the company.

The reasons for this march are unknown and whether it is voluntary on the part of the Knight or was by mutual agreement. It does not rule out a dismissal, although this practice is not something that characterizes Apple in recent years and neither are there, as far as we know, strong reasons for it. Therefore, everything points to the fact that the possible agreement of Cupertino’s with Qualcomm could have made Caballero take a new direction in his professional career.

It should be remembered that if Apple and Qualcomm have made peace, it is because they have previously had to live through more than two years of intense legal battles over various chip-related patents. But in the end, it seems that Qualcomm will be supplying 5G chips for the iPhone in 2020. Although we don’t know the terms of this agreement, there could be one that specifies that only employees of this company will develop the chips, which is why some characters like Caballero could have seen their role reduced.

Be that as it may, Apple is going through a rather strange time in terms of employee marches. We must remember the confirmed departure of Angela Ahrendts in the middle of the month, that of an important engineer also related to the chips and three others related to the design team . We will wait to know the exact reasons for these marches, although Ahrendts already knew that it was due to a personal decision.

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