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Anniversary Edition on our iPhone or iPad

The anniversary version of the Rockstar Games game Bully is available on iOS starting today. Ten years after the title’s original release on PlayStation 2, Rockstar fans can now play Bully on the road, along with other classic studio games like GTA: Vice City, San Andreas and Max Payne.

Bully: Anniversary Edition features everything from the remastered and extended version of the game, dubbed Scholarship Edition, as well as a new multiplayer feature called Friend Challenges where players can compete against each other in Bully mini-games.

Bully: Anniversary Edition for iPhone and iPad

Anniversary Edition on our iPhone or iPadAnniversary Edition on our iPhone or iPad

Friends’ challenges are held in a face-to-face classroom, arcade-style competitions that will have to dissect toads, solve word problems and help a flying squirrel destroy its enemies using acorns among other things.

In addition to fun mini-games and more content, the mobile version of the acclaimed Rockstar High School rocker group also features updated graphics, thanks to the improved lighting engine and new high-resolution textures, as well as a revamped control scheme for touch screens.

Bully Features: Anniversary Edition in iOS

Among the most representative characteristics we can find:

  • Includes the complete Bully story with missions, characters, mini-games and extra unlockables from the Scholarship Edition
  • Super sharp graphics: textures, dynamic lights, shadows and effects
  • Friend Challenges multiplayer mode: Play at your own pace and get notified when it’s your turn.
  • Smart controls that appear only when you need them.
  • The option to continue playing on all your devices through cloud storage with Rockstar Games Social Club

Bully: Anniversary Edition is now available on the App Store for $6.99.

What do you think of this novelty, ready for download?