Angry Birds surpasses 1 billion downloads and celebrates with a clue about its new franchise


Rovio has announced that the extremely popular saga Angry Birds has just surpassed the 1,000 million downloads . Who would have imagined it back in December 2009 when the first game saw the light for iPhone for the first time. Since then, three other titles have contributed to its success: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio and the recent Angry Birds Space, with which its creators have had the success of reinventing their formula to reap a new success.

Angry Birds surpasses 1 billion downloads and celebrates with a clue about its new franchise
Angry Birds surpasses 1 billion downloads and celebrates with a clue about its new franchise

The company has recently announced some profits of 100 million dollars which also includes the infinite number of versions for the rest of mobile platforms and operating systems, as well as the perfectly orchestrated invasion they have executed in the form of merchandising for all tastes.

Along with this impressive record, Rovio has also published some statistics that can help us measure the magnitude of his success:

  • 200,000 years of combined playing time.
  • 300 million minutes of playing time a day.
  • 266 million levels played.
  • 400 billion birds launched.
  • 44 billion stars collected.

Too bad they can’t all say the same thing. Just a few days ago Antonio Ortiz was telling us about the app boom and the danger of the mythical vision of “I’m going to make an Angry Birds”. The example, of course, was not chosen at random. And the fact is that, as much as it weighs on us, according to figures that probably fall short, 59% of applications do not even cover their development costs making it impossible for 80% of developers to stay in business with the applications alone.

Many of us have long wondered if there was life beyond the birds for Rovio and his video celebration seems to have given us the answer. As you can see, at the end of the video appears without too much disguise the protagonist and scenarios of Casey’s Contraptions, an excellent video game available exclusively for iOS where we can give free rein to our imagination thanks to the intricate machines of Rube Goldberg .

The game was developed by Noel Llopis with the collaboration of Miguel Ángel Friginal from Zaragoza and was very well received on the App Store. So much so as to attract the attention of Rovio, who in view of the video may be planning a new version produced in style. In the meantime, the original still looks great.

Fun is guaranteed thanks to more than 70 levels, 30 different objects with which to create our impossible machines and challenge physics. And if you finish them in less time than it takes a piggy bank to fall into a bucket, don’t worry, you also have a level editor with which to let yourself go.


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