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Angry Birds Star Wars is now available

Angry Birds Star Wars (0,89 €)

After the excitement caused by the first teaser of this new installment of the well-known Angry Birds, fans of this video game were impatient to be able to get their hands on it and throw birds again left and right . But now they can do it set in the super successful Star Wars saga .

Angry Birds Star Wars is now available
Angry Birds Star Wars is now available

When a group of friends created the first edition of what would be this storm of success, they didn’t imagine that they would end up being so popular in the world of games for smartphones , but they did. After Angry Birds Space, this new title makes us feel again that desire for the classic model but with an incentive that, personally I saw difficult to achieve, is to set it in a classic of the cinema and adapting the story to its nice characters.

The game style is practically identical to the original Angry Birds but with the added aesthetic of the stages. Something that has caught my attention has been the effort in the physical aspect of the scenarios , which adapt in a magnificent way to the actions we perform during the game.

As for the characters, they will be unlocked as we go through the different levels. The first ones to be unlocked are Luke and Han Solo but there are up to thirty characters you can get. But to do that, you’ll have to throw a lot of birds to find out which characters they are.

The start with his “in a galaxy far, far away…” seems perfect to me, as does his soundtrack subtly modified to give it the feel of home. The impressions have been very good as it seems to me a rather original and non-continuous version of the original title , perfectly adapted to the galactic history, and vice versa.

Here you can get this new Angry Birds for the different platforms available.

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