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Angry Birds Seasons para iPad y iPhone

Any occasion is perfect to knock down structures and green pigs with the most famous and charismatic birds in the whole App Store: the Angry Birds .

The acclaimed saga that gave us a more than fun version of the parabolic movement of an object walks through the four seasons, showing us a game to enjoy all year round.

Enjoy shooting birds through the seasons with Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons para iPad y iPhone
Angry Birds Seasons para iPad y iPhone

Neither winter cold, nor spring allergies, nor summer heat or autumn winds will be able to come between the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies.

Angry Birds Seasons is a year-round skill game, each season becomes an episode of the game and within it, the corresponding festivities of each season will have their own levels.

Prepare the slingshot and aim well, the pigs will test your aim, your intellect and your destructive capacity . If you studied parabolic motion in high school physics class, you will see that Angry Birds is the most fun way to practice it and see its results visually, and if you don’t know what parabolic motion is, don’t even eat your head, what you need to do is go practicing with the slingshot and its bird ammo against the sheltered pigs .

The visual aspect of Angry Birds Season is superb, each level carries the colours of the seasonality to which it is related, as well as its decoration, backgrounds and structures.

Angry Birds Seasons has more than 290 levels , to which more and more are added for free, the kids from Rovio give us levels based on festivities like they are: St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival, even Back to School .

In general, it’s a very fun and addictive game, of which we tend to pass the levels at first, but then we always go over them again to be able to obtain the 3 stars and a maximum score , something that is undoubtedly a complicated task, since no matter how picturesque it is, there are still physical problems and there are times when the difficulty of the level will make us despair, but don’t worry, the pigs always end up falling.

Download Angry Birds Seasons for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

Do you like Angry Birds? Well, if you haven’t played this game yet, you can’t miss it, it’s really, really fun.

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