Angry Birds Go! Hasta In-App Shopping Packs $100

Rovio’s new title adds to the abusive prices of in-app shopping with packages of up to $100

Angry Birds Go! is one of the most awaited games in the App Store and it will arrive to our lands next December 11th, although we informed you yesterday that it is already available for download in the App Store in New Zealand. Thanks to this, many media have been able to make an exhaustive analysis of the game and it has been confirmed what we all feared: shopping is back in-app , but it seems a bit past the point of return .

This is not the first game based on the fremium model offered by the company, in fact, by now nobody is surprised that most of the applications launched in the Apple store follow this business model, since it has been proven that it brings many more benefits to the coffers of its developers.

Angry Birds Go! Hasta In-App Shopping Packs $100
Angry Birds Go! Hasta In-App Shopping Packs $100

According to the first analyses made by the media, the new Angry Birds Go! is full of in-app shopping and this, of course, is not positive at all for the gaming experience. One of the most controversial measures that will weigh heavily on gameplay is the restriction on the number of races you can take without going through the checkout line.

It seems that after a certain number of completed races, our character will get tired of running and we will have to wait 1 hour until he recharges his energy if we want to run again. For free, of course. Because as with all games that follow this business model, if you have money, you don’t have to worry about anything, you can take all the races you want, get the best advantages and get the fastest cars.

The exploitation of the in-app shopping model of play is beginning to border on the abusive

Among all the options we have to buy, it has been reported that there are packages of up to 100 dollars , which is a real madness no matter how you look at it. But we should not take our hands off the head, without going further, the game of Tiny Tower in which we must build the legendary Death Star, also offers packages for the same price, so it really is not exclusive to this title.

As they point out in iSpazio, the exploitation of this type of game model is increasingly heading towards the launch of titles that have been captured from the start, in which patience is a prerequisite if you don’t want to wipe out your wallet or throw your iPad out the window.

Would you prefer to pay for the game in exchange for a full one?

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