Angry Birds Go, analysis

Rovio has no intention of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. After different titles where his famous birds had to destroy the enemy’s buildings, with the intention of eliminating them all and recovering their eggs, now comes a different game, Angry Birds Go .

Angry Bird Go offers us a racing game that we can’t avoid buying with the Nintendo Mario Kart classic. In spite of it the game is quite amusing and even following a model free to play with integrated purchases doesn’t dazzle the title at all.

Angry Birds Go, video analysis

Angry Birds Go, races to the Mario Kart

Angry Birds Go, analysis
Angry Birds Go, analysis

Once we start playing, we will be explained the controls that are limited to turning the steering wheel, using on-screen touch controls or using the gyroscope, and pressing the button that activates the special skill of each driver.

From that first introduction we will start playing. With several levels, each level has a series of tests that we will have to complete in order to unlock new characters to compete with. This is not complicated but it will require playing all the tests and even repeating them.

And I say repeat them because the game forces us to improve our car to increase its capacity. These improvements must be bought using gold coins that we will get by running or by buying them with real money through In-App purchases.

But don’t worry, that’s only a possibility for the most impatient users. The title is perfectly playable without having to go through the checkout. The only limitation will be that we will have to let our drivers rest who after certain races suffer. These breaks can be of a few seconds or several minutes. The good thing is that the more characters we have, the more time we can play at once.

It also incorporates the possibility of unlocking a game where our driver and his car will be the projectiles to end the constructions and enemies. It can be obtained by purchasing the Jenga kit from Angry Birds Go or via in-app purchase at a price of 1.79 euros. This mode as you imagine is nothing more than adapting the classic game mechanics to the use of cars.

Angry Birds Go is a really fun game, with some very colorful graphics with some nice and showy animations that run smoothly without jumps or anything weird on screen.

Despite continuing to exploit a universe that some may have taken a fancy to, the truth is that it will delight the youngest and not so young in the house. And if you put it to play on the TV in the living room through the Apple TV then they’ll be amazed.

It will be launched on December 11th . Although it is already in the New Zealand App Store.

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